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Mark Davidson (Jolly Toper) is among Scotland’s leading whisky experts. His knowledge stems from many years of extensive work in the whisky industry, including fifteen years with Cadenhead’s. Based in Edinburgh he conducts public and private tastings, provides consulting services to individual and corporate customers, and is engaged in Scottish whisky tourism.




P/O/U/R/S tastings



Jolly Jaunt (aka Jolly Toper on the Road)

Annandale Distillery Tour

On a lovely autumn Sunday morning, with old friends and new, our Jolly Jaunt, Season 1, Episode 1, to Annandale Distillery begins. Over the river and through the woods we draw near to fourth iteration of this Lowland distillery. Michael Hanratty, Whisky Experience Manager, takes us through the beautifully crafted and wonderfully restored soon-to-be-operating distillery.Fresh from thinking of whisky to come, we had a tasting of remembrance at the Village Inn nearby; distilleries whose doors have closed, with the hope that they, too, may one day relight their boilers and distill once again. Except for the demolished ones, of course. UPDATE: Full report from the Annandale visit is now available on Whisky Intelligence:

Discovering Edinburgh Part One

(Tasting on the Barge)

barge220Imagine discovering Edinburgh, its present and past, on a slow-moving barge with a dram in your hand. Add to that Jolly Toper’s vast knowledge of whisky and the whisky industry and you have yourself a real whisky experience. Last August, minutes away from hustle and bustle of downtown Edinburgh, a group of whisky explorers departed for a floating adventure. And it was fun!!!

Great news! The tastings on the barge will continue. If you are interested in learning more about future dates fill in the contact form. We can also schedule tastings for private parties.

Discovering Edinburgh Part Two

(or Bring your Snickers Folks)

One man, one glass, one bottle of water… and six whiskies. Imagine emerging into the whisky landscape of a by-gone era in Edinburgh, while sipping your dram from a long gone distillery. After the first naval expedition in discovering Edinburgh’s whisky and overall past and presence, the time had arrived for Jolly Toper’s infantry brigade to employ a new approach—walking and tasting. This was a recent sunny Sunday afternoon whisky tasting with the Jolly Toper, in good company of fellow whisky enthusiasts, exploring and learning the role of the whisky industry in Edinburgh’s history. (passers-by asked where to sign for that tour!)

At one point the brigade even conquered a village and then departed downstream to Stockbridge.


Each Jolly Toper tasting is a special event, but sometimes people want a different experience. For those who prefer their privacy we can schedule tastings for a small group of friends in a private setting. For larger groups we organize tastings for corporate events or at conference venues. The experience does not end there. Jolly Toper on the Road is a program of bringing the joy of whisky to different people and different places, with a unique approach in touring distilleries (not your ordinary tour for sure) to maximize the experience.
Contact us to find out more.


Mark, a mathematician, combining whisky and numbers. Coming soon.




In three words and ten to fifteen seconds tell us your Jolly Toper tasting experience. Starting today the videos of voluntarily-provided tasting experience captured at JT events will be periodically uploaded. The one with the highest number of likes in six months, plus two runner-ups, will receive special prizes. The only rule is to be honest and reasonably sober. More on P/O/U/R/S page.


Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

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